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Quito Kare

Physical Theatre / Clown               (15+)



Writer, Directer, Performer:  Hakan Polacanlı

Choreographer, Dramaturge: Evren Erbatur

Rhythm Consultant: Cem Ulu

İllusion Consultant: Kerem Eser

Poster Design: Cihangir Erönü

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written and performed by Hakan Polacanlı,

is an entertaining Clown Physical Theater performance.

Quito' never talks, but he's so much fun.

He loves meeting new friends and playing games with them.

He plays games with toys that he has never separated from him,

and sometimes juggling with balls and labutes,

sometimes performing various wizards.

Quito, who loves listening to music and dancing,

is a loving friend where you can have fun with his surprises.

He is a loving friend.

Laugh or Laugh...   

Quito loves having fun, music, dancing, meeting new people, making friends and playing games. Of course it has to work. This time, Quito, who comes across you at the theater where he works, continues to have fun. Contrary to the expected flow and language in the theater, the seriousness is interrupted for a while and leaves its place to a carnivalesque atmosphere, with the effect of fun and laughter that allows everyone to participate in the play. Quito, which perceives the world with a smiling face with its enthusiasm, joy and fun; invites you to the game environment that eliminates borders, social roles and hierarchical levels. Come join the game and turn Quito's silence into polyphony with the healing, liberating and unifying power of laughter. 


What a beautiful friendship...

It is so nice to meet with all our differences,

to be friends and to continue the friendship, and it takes a lot of effort.

However, sometimes we can upset and offend the other party by not understanding our personal expectations.

The most beautiful thing is to see all the differences

and wishes of those in front of us, to be able to continue together without restricting them and to embrace life together.

The most beautiful instrument that gives the opportunity to embrace is 'laughing'.

Laughing makes unite. Laughing makes better. Laughing sets free.

      QPerformans produces performances in the disciplines of theater, physical theatre and children's theatre. 

    It also organizes puppet workshops for adults and children and produces youtube content in these areas. It  carries out works with the Theatre Research Laboratory.

       It intends and wishes to continue to produce artistic appearances, meet, act and have fun, hoping to contribute to positive changes in social life.

       It continues to take part in national and international organizations and festivals that it believes will support and nurture its production and development.

     Hakan Polacanlı, art director of QPerformans, is a member of ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Youth).

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